True Story: CBD Salve Crushed Cancer In Jennifer’s Dog

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Jennifer Pak has a cancer success story after using CBD salve for dogs that you need to know. Like many, her success came after a long journey of failed treatments for her dog Olivia’s tumors.

Jennifer rescued Olivia from Miami-Dade Animal Services five years ago. At that time Jennifer noticed that Olivia had a few small warts. Looking for help clearing up warts, she tried a few remedies she found on Amazon …

… but nothing seemed to help.

Over the next 5 years, Olivia’s warts continued to grow and her condition worsened. Her veterinarians offered to surgically remove the warts. 

But Olivia had developed a heart murmur and had elevated liver enzymes.  This gave Jennifer pause when considering anesthesia. Especially to remove what the vets felt were cosmetic growths. 

Desperate, Jennifer continued to try topical remedies. Sadly, the warts continued to grow out of control and became tumors. 

They then tried cryo-therapy and prescription medications. These were effective at first … but were ultimately not viable options to use long term.

Success Was Found In A CBD Salve For Dogs

At a friend’s suggestion, Jennifer decided to try a CBD salve for dogs. She applied the salve to Olivia’s tumors every morning and night. She was amazed to see the growths begin to shrink within three days!

“It’s no exaggeration,” says Jennifer. “There was visually a difference within three days. They turned black and just fell off. If I hadn’t seen it myself, I wouldn’t have believed it. I tried for five years to heal these and had no luck until now.” 

Treating tumors like Olivia’s, with CBD salve for dogs works well. This is because of the unique receptors dogs have naturally built into the skin.

You see, all the layers of your dog’s skin have CBD1 and CBD2 receptors. The cannabinoids in CBD use these receptor sites … which help your dog’s body fight cancer cells and promote healing. 

Befor and after photos of Olivia's tumor falling off

This is why CBD salve for dogs work well to treat a tumor directly. For Olivia, using full-spectrum hemp extract directly on the tumor cells … instead of orally … worked best. 

An important thing to remember is that a problem on the outside of the body … is often an indicator of a much bigger internal issue.

The skin and fur are the external extensions of internal health. For example, redness on the skin is an indicator of inflammation. This is often a side effect of having a poor gut microbiome or an imbalanced diet. 

Simply removing the growth wouldn’t solve the underlying problem. In fact, it may have actually made things worse for Olivia. 

The skin was sharing clues of the larger issue Olivia had. A few months after the growths developed, the vet diagnosed her with Cushing’s disease. 

Skin issues and excessive panting are both common symptoms of Cushing’s disease.  Again, Jennifer turned to full spectrum CBD for help. CBD’s safety reassured her … compared to conventional drugs with dangerous side-effects.

Using CBD Oil To Heal From The Inside Out

“I started Olivia on two doses (37 mg each dose) of full spectrum hemp extract,” says Jennifer. “She took one dose in the morning and one at night because of her Cushing’s. About a month and a half into it, I was able to go down to one dosage a day. I found she was no longer waking up constantly to drink. And she wasn’t needing to pee in the middle of the night, so that’s how I knew that it was working.” 

Full spectrum hemp extract works best when you give small, frequent doses. Ideally, dosing CBD every six hours offers consistent support for your dog.

What’s great is that your dog can absorb CBD tincture easily through her gums. Because it can cross the mucosal barrier into the bloodstream, it helps quickly. 

CBD Fights Cancer

However, swallowing CBD doesn’t waste its medicinal effects. It’s just not absorbed as effectively as when you place it directly onto the gums. 

One of the primary uses of full spectrum hemp extract is to treat cancer and tumors just like Olivia’s. 

Research in 2011 concluded that …

“The antiproliferative and apoptotic effects produced by some of these pharmacological probes [CBD] reveal that the endocannabinoid system is a promising new target for the development of novel chemotherapeutics to treat cancer.”

Another study published in 2018 found that CBD stopped cancer cell growth in mice. It also prevented future cancerous growths in mice. The conclusion of this study was that CBD could be a viable option to treat cancer in both humans and animals.

Using a CBD salve for dogs will help stop growths from getting bigger and spreading. Growths will also die and shrink because CBD can kill the cancer cells directly. 

For extra cancer support, use CBD both internally as a tincture and externally as salve or cream.  Remember to feed a fresh raw diet … and help your dog detox as well.  

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CBD For Overall Health

And back to Miss Olivia’s success … the CBD also reduced overall inflammation in her body. Jennifer noticed an improvement in Olivia’s liver enzymes and Cushing’s disease. So now, she has made it her mission to share CBD with as many pet owners as possible. 

You can listen to the interview with Angela Ardolino and Olivia’s owner, Jennifer, on It’s a Dog’s Life on Cannabis Radio. 

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